Our Top 6 Selling Fun Baby Shower Games

Published : 11/02/2017 19:44:47
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Keep the fun going with these adorable games

The idea of throwing a baby shower and keeping your guests entertained for a few hours can be quite a daunting task. Take a look at our Top 6 selling baby shower games below so that there is never a dull moment at your shower.

  • Scratch-Off Cards

There can only be 1 winner! Each scratch off card contains 3 panels with hidden images. The guest who gets 3 identical images as they scratch off, wins the game! 

Baby Shower Scratch Off Cards Game

  • Pin The Dummy On The Baby

Putting a whole new twist on the party favourite 'Pin the Donkey' game, this time your baby shower guests will be trying to pin the dummy on a baby, whilst wearing a blindfold! Whoever pins the pacifier closed to the babys mouth, wins the game! 

Pin The Dummy on the Baby Game

  • Belly Measuring Tape Game

This guessing game involves the Mum-to-be! To play the Belly Measure Baby Shower Game, your guests will need to guess how large they think the mother's waist size is by cutting the tummy tape. The guest whose tape measures the closest, will win! 

Belly Measuring Tape Baby Shower Game

  • Alphabet Game

This fun baby shower game consists of a sheet with the letters A to Z marked on them. Each guest will need to fill out the sheet by trying to think of words associated with the baby.

Baby Shower Alphabet Game (Set of 24)

  • Word Scramble & Word Search Game

Your guests will be scrambling to finish this game quickly so they can win the prize on hand! These double sided sheets includes a baby shower word search puzzle on one side, and a baby shower word scramble game on the other. 

Baby Shower Word Games (Set of 24)

  • Game Kits

If you're running short on time, a baby shower game kit will definitely save the day! Our Fisher & Price game kit includes a selection of 4 games, enough for 20 guests! Popular games like, word search, word scramble, bingo and baby name game will be sure to keep your guests entertained. 

Fisher Price Baby Shower Game Kit

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